Now available: "Public map"

For my own internal testing I do use a very little map; my approach to programming is mostly "trial and error" so I've reload the map quite often, sometime require me about 10~15 client launch before being able to properly integrate a single feature or fix a bug.

But that basic map I do use is not suited to render the "feel" of the game, so I though that would be useful to two different maps: one for my internal testing and one for the the "public" with a proper, albeit  lowpoly, scenario that would help you into immerse into feeling Pama is trying to achieve.


The map is not available yet, I first want to be sure about few things, Map is available and running with the latest update; be sure to check it out, anyway you can still download the blend file directly from the Pama's discord server  (the #development channel).

discord invite here

Btw; I am still on Patreon but so far didn't manage to "catch" even the support/interest even for a single ¢. That's beginning to look more hindering than helping for my motivation into this project. One month is past since I begun getting into this draft idea and two weeks on Patreon. I've made both 3d models for a Satyr and a Nymph (lowpoly and with the help of pre made CC0 resources), animated them, scripted the code that sync player animations, begun to draft the "cinematic lockdown" (when a player is unable to move "trapped" by game events), made some draft, composed a map by using other cc0 lowpoly resource and other few minor/major few things that keep me rolling.

Without any kind of external support, the only source that draw me into accomplish these various tasks are, indeed, the tasks done by their own. I am beginning to think that tools like Patreon are more suited or developer into actual PR on a fixed/well established projects like visual novels, platformer or rpgmaker thing rather pioneering/cloudy stuff who may end into nothing like any kind of research towards the unknown.

I already have all the skills to make another generic visual novel; I could simply rotoscoping on 3d model animations and produce 2d art and stuff like that... but that's not my goal, even with better premise of actual founding.

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