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Pama development is strictly OpenSource, you can review, download and use the source code from here:

By mashing together OpenCombat and the network multiplayer demo I did managed to make things working (again) with Godot 3 engine.
This is what I got working 5 days ago:

The actual source code you find on github is alredy a bit updated. What's new? Well, there's something I don't like in all FPS games... the absence of body/feet when you look down; I mean, this is supposed to be First Person, right? I am some sort of ghost? I am sure there are practical reason for this limitation; but since I am working onto a prototype (everything can be scrapped away) I though... "why don't check by myself by trying to attach the player's body to the FPV camera?"?

No matter if you're a nymph or satyr: you'll be always able to see your own body. Models here are intentionally lowpoly (triangle boobies... yay!); I got the mid-poly version of both these characters but I need that prototype feel which remind me everything is going to change. I am basically learning everything from scratch, so I can't promise this feature will stay in fure... but I am really looking forward to implement it: this game will be NSFW, being able to see the "relevant side" of the character's body and the counterpart (enemy) is part of the fun.

The camera is not directly attached, but rather interpolated with the head bone position: I can control the interpolation's weight (which mean camera can stick "lazily or obsessively" to the character's eye socket" : and this should give me more flexibility. If this mess with gameplay (camera bobbing too much or too jerking movements that make the game... unplayable) I am ready to remove the feature.

Did I mention I've open a patreon too?Help me to make this real

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Sep 19, 2017
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